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    Social distancing?

    We are delighted to announce to our clients that we will be carrying out Online Physiotherapy Video Consultations.
    We would encourage our clients who are at risk or over 70 to avail of this service.
    All you need for the appointment is your smartphone, tablet or laptop! We will do the rest!



  • COVID-19 Restrictions When Attending an "In-Clinic" Appointment

    • Please fill out our online COVID-19 screening questionnaire at least 24 hours before attending your appointment.
    • Please shower as close to your appointment time as you can and wear fresh clothes.
    • Please bring a small towel, masks and gloves (if you have them) to your appointment.
    • Please wear appropriate clothes (shorts for a lower limb injury and a strap top for an upper limb injury)
    • Please arrived at least 10 mins before your allocated appointment time.

    COVID-19 Restrictions When Attending an "In-Clinic" Appointment

    • Please remain in your car and do not try to enter the clinic.
    • The front door of the building will be locked and toilets will not be allowed to be used by clients at this time.
    • The initial part of your assessment will be carried out via video call while you are in the car.
    • Once this is complete, Ellevyn will come out of the clinic and take your temperature and oxygen saturation levels.  (If your temperature is above 37.5 degs and your oxygen saturation level is below 90%, Ellevyn will not be able to treat you.) This is in order to protect all of our clients.
    • Ellevyn will be dressed in PPE.

    COVID-19 Restrictions When Attending an "In-Clinic" Appointment

    • Once instructed, Ellevyn will ask you to place on your mask (if you have one) and to bring your towel and gloves with you.
    • She will direct you to the clinic. Please do not touch any door handles or surfaces on entering or leaving the clinic.
    • She will give you alcohol gel for your hands and then ask you to place on your gloves.
    • Now, the objective assessment and treatment will begin.

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